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You’ve been given this one incredible body, and I’ve learned from shooting boudoir over the last 6 years that feeling sexy and validated means embracing the imperfections

 Our boudoir session will be a new celebration of your chapter in life, stepping out of your comfort zone, relaxing, feeling beautiful, confident and on top of the world when you see your images while we shoot. 

The Experience




Over the last 6 years I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph boudoir sessions from brides to be, first time clients and beyond. There is nothing I love to express more than the stories of our bodies through art. This self love practice is not only exciting and energetic, it’s empowering!


I have taken many educational courses to give my clients of any body shape or size the full boudoir experience. I also specialize in boudoir all year round, offering private sessions and beach boudoir. I have worked hand in hand with local vendors such as Foxy Heart Boudoir and more!


The vendors we work with every year inspire and push me to create more unique and intimate experiences then years passed. I can also promise there will be enough champagne to go around. We genuinely have so much fun planning, executing and delivering our product. As always, we guarantee privacy to clients first and foremost with a password protected gallery. The images you see online have been approved by each individual.





Boudoir Tips and Tricks!

1) This is a tip but I need you to read this first– the most common concern about boudoir is nudity. You do NOT have to be naked!! If you’re not comfortable, it won’t happen. Which rolls into tip number one.

2) Wear what makes you feel like your inner goddess is gonna burst out. Channel you’re inner Lady Gaga, Beyoncé! Wear something comfortable that fits your body type, thats your favorite colors. Make sure you like what you’re wearing. Remember Lala will help you chordate your outfits! If you’re trying something new, we are proud of you.


3) Pinterest is Life– If you are blanking out on ideas, look on Pinterest for inspiration! However note that your style will be different from there’s! Embrace who you are and don’t compare yourself to the models you see. Boudoir is about self love- take the images with a grain of salt. 


4) Bring a friend, to help relax and have fun- You don’t have to be a pro at this! I’m going to help you along the way and its gonna be a blast! Or you CAN bring a friend with you to help with the nerves. Have her jump in for a bestie picture, its super cute and you’ll feel more supported.  


When Is your next Boudoir Date?

January 30th, 2021 _ Click here for details!

This was the best and most fun shoot I’ve ever done and I would 100% do it again. I chose to do a bridal boudoir since I was getting married(aka I just wore white lingerie and used my vail and garter but you can wear anything ). At first I was a little nervous to get behind a camera but the photographer, hair/makeup team, jewelry stylist and ambiance were absolutely AMAZING and I felt so comfortable. I have never felt more confident in front of a camera than I have that day and a large part of that is because of the photographer Liz. I was laughing and smiling the whole time between shots and she got so creative with poses. She was also open to ANY ideas while shooting which made it that much more fun and personal. My pictures came out stunning and they’re a perfect reminder for me to always have confidence.


Liz is the most professional, personable, innovative, and down to earth photographer I have had the pleasure of using these past few years. I have had three sessions with her so far and I always want to come back for more! She isn’t one to just sit behind the camera and expect you to know what to do. Having your photo taken can be awkward and nerve wrecking, however Liz made me laugh, feel confident, and enjoy every moment with each shot! From my boudoir photos, to professional head shots, I always find her work perfectly executed. My favorite part is how creative Liz is with every session too! Leaving my photos to look and feel original. I highly recommend Liz and will continue to refer and support her photography business!