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Im so excited that you’re taking the steps forward to further your education in photography! I promise you Its journey you’ll never regret taking.

Before we begin, I am I’m Liz Unruh! Im a small town girl with a big giving heart and incredible drive for my passion, photography. I started my business 6 years ago with 50 dollars to my name and rocked being a single mama in the process. I invested years of loving photography, creating art and my passion into a full time photography business! When covid 19 hit, I needed a positive outlet to find my silver-lining.. thus creating my Tiktok page. I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason which bring me here today writing this mini bio.


I can not believe the amount of love and support I’ve gained from my amazing group of Tiktok Photogs!


Photography 101 Manual

The Break down of Manual Photography PDF file with Basic Lightroom editing tips!

Meet Liz

One on One Mentoring

Every Tuesday, pick my brain! I will be scheduling one on one mentoring on Google Meet/Zoom to talk about the Manuals Guide! The sky is the limit!

Liz Unruh Cape May Wedding Photographer

Group Meetings

Join the Group Google Meet/Zoom group and lets chat photography! Meetings will be held every Thursday, first come first serve! Grab a copy of the manuals guide and break it down one on one with me! 


Price List


One one One Calls $75.00 for 45 Mins. Classes with be held Tuesdays, June 2nd and June 9th. I will be adding more classes upon request. click here to reserve your class.


Group Mentoring with Manuals Guide $30: Classes can be paid via Venmo, please add include your email address with your payment so I can touch base with you with your zoom code! 25 people Max and classes will be held every Thursday!

Payment to: @haveheartliz


Get your own Copy of the Beginners Manual Guide : Click Here


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