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I’m Liz Unruh

I am a Cape May Photographer

I am the creative behind Have Heart Photography. Located in the gorgeous town of Cape May New Jersey, I photograph human connections.  Being a Cape May Local is a huge part of my heart and I love incorporating that in my business. Ive been an artist my whole life. Ive spent the majority of my time creating art, writing poetry, taking pictures of my friends and family.  My passion for photography started at the age of 16 when I was handed my first 35mm camera.

A little girl that is standing in the grass - Photography

My Passion

My journey began in highschool when my father gave me his old 35mm camera. I quickly fell in love with film and decided to pursue fine art in college. The darkroom was where I truly found my inner peace. I love the slow process, the smell of developer, the suspense. I loved that my photos were created with light and was born in the dark.  It gives me pride to offer photography that my clients can feel. Photography is emotional and there is no one on the planet who understands this more than me.

Photography runs much deeper than shoot and click

Its the moments we keep forever, even when forever is not promised. I strive deliver a customezied wedding exerperience for every couple we work with. Becauase no two weddings are alike! The dream is now going six years strong and I wake up everyday thankful to be in my own shoes. I say often, when you do what you love it radiates through you!  Thats the energy i look for between frames. Love is what brings us all together, and we have heart in that.








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